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Cochrane Heights

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Cochrane Heights Community Information

Nestled at the base of Big Hill in the Valley of the Bow River the Town of Cochrane is situated in a truly picturesque location. Add the view of the foothills and the Rocky Mountains to the west, and it seems only natural that an urban center would have developed here. Along with the beauty of the location, Cochrane also has the advantage of being in a very prosperous mixed farming area.

Cochrane was named after Senator Matthew Henry Cochrane, the man who established the Cochrane Ranche in 1881. With the historic site of the Ranche on the western edge of Town, it would seem logical to assume that Cochrane automatically developed as an urban centre to serve the needs of the ranching population. Such was not the case. In fact, in the 1880?s and early 1890?s it seemed that Cochrane might never become much more than a railway siding.

The Canadian Pacific Railway granted the townsite in 1885 and named it in honour of Senator Cochrane, but few people made Cochrane their home. The little hamlet of Cochrane became a village in 1903. In 1906, Cochrane had a population of 158. Five years later, the village boasted a population of 395. Cochrane provided all the services necessary for the growing community, and perhaps more importantly, the residents took advantage of the resources at hand. Before World War I, Cochrane was home to a stone quarry, a sawmill, and four brick plants. Within the community, skilled artisans combined their talents with local products to construct buildings of quality and personal style thus giving Cochrane a unique and special character.

The days of expansion and prosperity, however, came abruptly to an end at the onset of World War I. The depression of 1913 caused serious problems in local industries and the shortage of manpower caused by the war in 1914 sealed the fate of the Town?s industrial base. Many residents left Cochrane during the war years, but because it continued to act as the service centre for the rural population, the village was able to survive with a decreased but constant population of approximately 300. It was not until after World War II that Cochrane began a renewed expansion, and in 1971, the community was incorporated as a Town with a population exceeding 800.

The general economic boom of the 1970?s brought many new residents and a great burst of construction activity. As in most Alberta towns, the optimism and expansion of the early seventies initiated a process of modernization which either demolished or resurfaced many of the older structures.

Today, Cochrane is still noted for its western heritage, with its unique buildings and popular Main Street, as well as its small town hospitality. With the completion of the downtown revitalization and celebration of the Town?s centennial in 2003, Cochrane has become a popular tourist attraction for many. The Town has had a steadily increasing population over the last decade and the 2004 census boasted an official population of 12,418. (SOURCE:

Cochrane Heights School Districts

Schools: Post Secondary Schools

Cochrane Heights Public Schools: Elementary

  • Elizabeth Barret Elementary School
    605 Fourth Avenue North
    Cochrane, AB T4C 1Y5
    (403) 932-3151
    Website | Profile | Map
  • Glenbow Elementary School
    55 Glenpatrick Road
    Cochrane, AB T4C 1X7
    (403) 932-4922
    Website | Profile | Map

Cochrane Heights Public Schools: Middle

  • Mitford Middle School
    110 Quigley Drive
    Cochrane, AB T4C 1Y1
    (403) 932-4457
    Website | Profile | Map
  • Manachaban Middle School
    724 Chiniki Drive
    Cochrane, AB T4C 1Y4
    (403) 932-2215
    Website | Profile | Map

Cochrane Heights Public Schools: Senior High

  • Bow Valley High School
    2000 River Heights Drive
    Cochrane, AB T4C 1Y8
    (403) 932-9005
    Website | Profile | Map
  • Cochrane High School
    529-4th Avenue North
    Cochrane, AB
    (403) 932-2542
    Website | Profile | Map

Cochrane Heights Catholic Schools

  • Holy Spirit
    129 Powell St.
    Cochrane, AB T0L 0W1
    (403) 500-2065
    Website | Map
  • St. Timothy
    501 Sunset Drive
    Cochrane, AB T4C 2K4
    (403) 500-2106
    Website | Map
  • St. Luke
    1232 Northmount Dr. NW
    Calgary, AB T2L 0E1
    (403) 500-2039
    Website | Map
  • Madeleine d’Houet
    108 - 22 Street NW
    Calgary, AB T2N 2M8
    (403) 500-2008
    Website | Map

Cochrane Heights Recreation & Sports

Although there are many specific activities and sports programs though-out the Cochrane area, this website does not wish to limit your resources for finding the correct program that suits you or your children's needs. Instead, what follows is a number of resources to help find your way into any active lifestyle.

Town of Cochrane

Cochrane Heights Swimming Pool, Sports Centres & Arenas

  • Big Hill Leisure Pool
    201 5th Ave
    Phone: (403) 851-2299
    Website | Map
  • Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre
    800 Griffin Road East
    Phone: (403) 932-1635
    Website | Map
  • Cochrane Arena
    609 - 4th Ave. North
    Phone: (403) 932-2722

Cochrane Heights Clubs and Organizations

Cochrane Heights Churches

All Saints Anglican Church 404 - 4th Avenue North
(403) 932-6838
All Nations Christian Church 101 RancheHouse Road
(403) 851-9929
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints 1100 Gleneagles Drive
(403) 932-1691
Cowboy Trail Church
(403) 637-2732
Rock Pointe Church 255024 Lochend Road NW
(403) 851-0011
The Annex
(403) 851-0909
Cochrane Alliance Church 902 Glenbow Drive
(403) 932-6100
Kings Fold Centre of Retreat & Renewal
(403) 932-3174
Bow Valley Baptist Church 54 West Aarsby Road
(403) 932-4601
Cochrane Valley Community Church 54 West Aarsby Road
(403) 932-6565
Mount St. Francis Retreat
(403) 932-2012
St. Mary's Catholic Church 10 River Heights Drive
(403) 932-2944
St. Andrew's United Church 128 1st Street East
(403) 932-2585
St. Peter's Lutheran Church 43015 George Fox Trail
(403) 932-3345
Westbrook Community Church
(403) 932-3760