West Hillhurst Community Association Calgary

1940 – 6th Ave NW, Calgary, T2N0W3

Phone: 403-283-0464
Website: http://www.westhillhurst.com/

The idea for the West Hillhurst community association centre began in the forties when a group of men riding home on the old Grand Trunk Streetcar struck up a discussion about the state of the neighbourhood. They talked about the need for greater community cohesion and opportunities for children, and decided to form a community association in order to create playgrounds and provide other facilities for West Hillhurst residents. This group had good humour: they called themselves “The Grand Trunk Hot Shot League.” The first playgrounds were developed at 23 Street & 5 Ave and 21 Street and 2 Avenue N.W.

In 1948 the association joined the C.C.R.A. (Calgary Community Recreation Association) which sponsored softball and basketball teams in the city community leagues.

The Grand Trunk Hot Shot League’s slogans were “We can make our community ‘Big’ if we would all help just a little” and “People who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves seldom lose their shirts”. For the past 50 years, West Hillhurst has proudly nurtured and built upon the Grand Trunk Hot Shot League’s founding vision of a community association that that is the heart of the West Hillhurst community.

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What is the West Hillhurst Community Association?

The West Hillhurst Community Association and all Community Associations are located in every community of Calgary – they are not-for-profit organizations run by your neighbours and other volunteers that connect you, act as a voice for your area. A Community Association is an organization formed by the residents of an area:

• To support the social, educational and recreational needs of the neighbourhood.
• To build connections in the neighbourhood through volunteer opportunities, events and programs
• To act as an community liaison in civic matters (planning and development)
• To plan, develop and maintain community facilities and amenities such as community gardens, skating rinks.
•Committee work
•Fitness classes
•Arts & Culture programs
•Youth programs
•Farmers markets and craft fairs
•Senior’s clubs

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